Brett presently serves as a director of the following publicly listed companies: RDL Realisation plc, Manchester & London Investment Trust plc and KKV Secured Loan Fund Limited. He is also a director of a number of unlisted and/or private companies.

Brett was formerly executive director at Damille Investments Ltd and Damille Investments II Ltd, both four year closed end funds listed on the specialist funds market of the LSE.

Brett has wide ranging closed end fund and investment trust/investment company experience both as an investor and in managing or serving on boards of closed ended funds. He has been involved (as executive and non-executive director) in the management and in some cases, the running off and realization, of numerous LSE and AIM listed closed end funds across a wide range of asset classes including (but not limited to) HSWI Realisation Fund Limited, The Local Shopping REIT plc, China Growth Opportunities Fund, Loudwater Trust plc, Rapid Realisations Fund Limited, Ranger Direct Lending Fund plc, and EIH plc. He has considerable expertise in restructuring and re-aligning management incentives and aligning shareholder and managerial interests for both ongoing and realization situations.